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Decoding the Genome to Benefit Athletes

Staying healthy is key for performing at the highest level and winning. An athlete’s unique genetic profile can inform about their personal injury risk and physiology. Leveraging actionable insights from this profile can empower an athlete with personalized training meant to reduce injury risk in order to achieve their peak potential.

The AxGen Approach

DNA Analysis

Your genetic make-up influences your individual risk level for athletic injuries. AxGen analyzes your genome with cutting-edge science to determine your personalized injury risk profile. Using this information, the AxGen platform has exercises and demonstrations to guide you about how to improve your resiliency and reduce your risk for injury.

Informed Preventative

AxGen sports genetics advisors are both elite athletes and scientific experts. Our advisors use your genetic information to help you personalize your training regimen, so that you can stay healthy and perform at the highest level. AxGen advisors help turn analytics into actionable plans that deliver results.

Our Process


Request DNA Kit
(or upload genotype file)


Return DNA Sample


Have your DNA analyzed for injury risk factors


Receive a report with your injury risks


Obtain preventative training workouts and advice from AxGen

Our Tests

Stress Fracture / Bone Mineral Density

Plantar Fasciitis

MCL Injury

Rotator Cuff Injury

Ankle Injury

Shoulder Instability

De Quervain's Tenosynovitis

Caffeine Sensitivity



AxGen in the News

"What if you could predict that LeBron James needed to watch out for his right achilles in game five of the Championship? You might just nab him a championship, and save his career. "

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"A new genetic screen may predict a person’s future risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture, according to a study by a researcher at the Stanford University School of Medicine."

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"Stuart Kim, a developmental biologist, believes that biomarkers in professional athletes’ genes could be used to predict devastating injuries before they happen."

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The world's expert in the genetics of musculoskeletal injuries, Dr. Stuart Kim, presents at the Northern California Institute for Bone Health's Update on Osteoporosis and Skeletal Health: 2019.

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"Excelling as an elite athlete isn’t just about performance — it’s also about not getting hurt. In this session, two Stanford researchers discuss how DNA data can help athletes predict propensity for injury."

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Stuart Kim

Co-Founder & CEO

AxGen is led by renowned geneticist Stuart Kim, who left his position as Professor of Genetics and Developmental Biology at Stanford University in order to start AxGen. He draws on more than two decades of research experience to provide AxGen a cutting- edge scientific framework that is rigorous and novel. While at Stanford, Professor Kim had broad research interests including sports genetics, research on human aging and longevity and genomics.

Andrew Roos


Andrew is a sports genetics scientist and an elite triathlete who is passionate about using science to empower athletes. While at the Stanford School of Medicine he worked with Professor Stuart Kim in the field of genomics/personalized medicine and earned an MS degree in Epidemiology/Clinical Research. In sport, after collegiate swimming, Roos transitioned to triathlon, racing as a top collegiate triathlete for Stanford and currently competes as an Elite/Pro on the short-course ITU international circuit.

Megan Roche

Head of Endurance Sports

Megan received her medical degree from Stanford University in 2018 and has continued research on topics related to athletic performance, bone health, longevity, and genetic predictors of sports injury. She is a five-time national trail running champion and a co- founder of the Some Work, All Play running coaching group. Prior to competing as a runner, Megan played field hockey and received an undergraduate degree in neuroscience from Duke University.

Our Research

Our Values

We are at the dawning age of using our genomes to
train smarter.

Scientific Rigor and Validity

We are committed to a high scientific threshold of rigor, validity & reproducibility in order to provide meaningful results to athletes.

Actionable Results

Genetic information suggests training methods that can reduce injuries.

Athletic Advantage

AxGen provides a new edge for elite athletes and teams to compete at the highest level.

Knowledge is Power

A wise athlete knows about his/her risks and is proactive about taking preventative actions.

No Genetic Discrimination

Knowledge of genetics should be used to preserve the well-being of athletes and extend their careers; never to discriminate against them.

Top FAQs

  • We will not share your individual-level information without your explicit consent with any third party, such as your team or league.
  • We strongly support the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) and other similar laws that protect individuals from being discriminated against based on their genetics.
  • We do not provide information to law enforcement unless we are required to comply with a valid subpoena or a court-ordered request.
See our privacy policy
Our rigorous quality standards:
  • All saliva samples are processed in CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited labs.
  • Genotyping is a well-established and reliable platform for analyzing DNA.
  • Our team of scientists use a rigorous process to develop and design each report, ensuring validity and ease of use.
Besides your inherent genetic make-up, sports injuries are caused by many other factors such as contact, overuse, and inadequate training.
Modifications to your training regimen may be able to reduce your risk for the specific injury indicated by your genetic profile.